Career Opportunities | VAA


  • Limited Access:

    Only Students/Alumni of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College can apply to our different career opportunities.

  • Departments :

    There are mainly 5 departmennts you can apply :
    1) Technical Department
    2) Design Department
    3) Editorial Department
    4) Photography Department
    5) Management

  • Exams & Experience:

    Some department may require entrance exam to join.
    Also some department may examine your past experience for selection.

  • Benefits :

    1) Lots of Learning
    2) Work with team
    3) Final Year Project Opportunities
    4) Collaborate with other departments & get in touch with customers(Alumni)
    5) We are providing you an experience like working in real company
    6) VAA T -Shirts
    7) Certificates
    8) Awards and many more.

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For any issues/queries, send mail to our Technical Department :