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What I am going to miss the most, however, is VGEC itself. It definitely is one of a kind and I will forever be in love with the culture of this place. From guys bunking class and setting in E-block with all those dearest friends, those crazy lectures at last bench ! witnessing 4 great years passing trough. This place will forever fascinate me. I've never been anywhere else where the students are so friendly and damn proud of the place they call home, where the attitude is so laid back and harmonious, and where there is always something random to observe that even after years of living here, makes one laugh in surprise and say " Only in VGEC. "

I am going to miss my friends and the incredible individuals that have shaped who I have become. I'm going to miss being able to walk next door and hang out with all my friends and narrowly avoiding bike accidents. I'm going to miss all the stupid and fun things like crazy festival celebration, prank wars, going into the city in midnight and caught by the police.

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“Farewell 2K18”, an extravaganza of cultural event with a bit of nostalgic touch was organised under the banner of VAA and was scheduled on 21st April from 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM. The event focussed on making the last moments of our senior students, the most memorable ones and everlasting. The event was open to all the seniors and had many sub-events & performances included in it so that everyone enjoys the evening. The grand event commenced at 05:50 PM, until then all the seniors gave their impressions on the signature wall and left their mark, which will echo their presence even after their farewell. The chief guests, Dr. Rajul Gajjar, Prof. Milind Shah and Prof. S.P Sapre arrived at 06:08 PM. Drashti Chauhan inaugurated the event and gave a warm welcome to the seniors and faculties present. The inauguration was accompanied by melodious and spiritual aarti song, which amplified positive vibes then followed by lighting of lamps by chief guests. Dr. Rajul Gajjar then gave an inspiring speech on career & personality development, which reminded the seniors of their importance to the college and inspired them for their journey ahead. Later on, felicitation ceremony commenced where Dr. Rajul Gajjar felicitated all the extraordinary achievers of our college, many cheers from students were witnessed during the ceremony, which eventually cheered and motivated everyone around. Later on, Prof. Milind Shah gave their vote of thanks where he addressed the importance of alumni’s to college and praised the VAA team for their extraordinary task.

Later on, Aarushi Gangwar continued the event. The college students presented many special performances, each unique in its own kind that made everyone glued to their seat and go wow while reminding them of their college life at the same time.

21 th April.

VGEC Campus,

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